2 comments on “Mockingjay: An Honest Review

  1. I agree with you that the first two novels were amazing, but i disagree with you on the last one when you only gave it two stars… I think its because of the fact that everyone is taken aback by the last book. Its just so depressing and dark. But i think thats the message Collins wants to get through – the politics and war leads to the destruction of humanity.
    Katniss experience a dramatic change of character and she’s pretty much destroyed by the end of the book. Collins ultilise this to deal a heavy blow on the reader – it comes as such a shock. And this is the reason the book series is a masterpiece, the first two books set us up for a climatic and possibly cliche revolution. And Collin completely outdoes herself with the ending. Its not all that depressing as Katniss manage to start a family with Peeta (sigh of relief).
    But the change in character of both Peeta and Katness as well as the fate of Prim and Finnick and others makes this both demoralising, depressing but the masterpiece of a generation.

    • First off, thank you so much for the comment and for reading my blog. I am glad you agreed with me concerning the first two books. They really were awesome.

      Honestly, I wasn’t taken aback by the books’ darkness, or its war torn cities. What took me by surprise was how Mockingjay read. The most shocking thing was this positive, amazing portrayal of a strong woman which is then completely stripped away to the point where people are dragging her around due to her being such a mess. That really bothered me. With how badly present day books need female heroes, was this character change really needed to further the plot? We understood how messed up her life was, had she been stronger I think she would have garnered even more support as a character.

      The other serious issue was how confused Collins came off through out the book. When reading, it almost felt like she was either trying to meet a very stringent deadline, or she really just had no idea how it would end. She was very hesitant in certain chapters, and full speed in others. Which to the reader, makes it very difficult to keep tempo.

      With the ending, it was not a true ending. It was actually a cliff hanger. Does Peeta kill Kat? Are the kids safe? We really have no idea, and for a 3 book series in which each book ends with a cliff hanger, it almost feels like a cop out and left me feeling very disappointed, and almost taken advantage of.

      I am glad you enjoyed it though, because her writing style is very unique and should be appreciated. I wish I could have enjoyed it along with you. Just too many glaring issues. I do plan on giving any new book she gets published a try.

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