2 comments on “Reading

  1. I haven’t encountered much questioning when I talk about my favorite books (YA, typically with a paranormal element, and horror), but I’ve met a lot of folks who have. I don’t understand why folks feel the need to dictate their way or perception as the best one, or to confuse it as such. This applies to reading, parenting, writing, and so many other realms. It’s always perplexed me and I’m certain I’m going to keep being perplexed by it.

    Also, I don’t read much fantasy, but I don’t see that it’s any less meritorious than contemporary or even classics. Each gives us a glimpse into another world or at least the world as seen through someone else’s eyes. That’s invaluable, period.

  2. Thank you very much for your comment. I am glad to see another reader who agrees with my thoughts. Honestly I am just happy that people read.

    Over the years when I have spoken to my little cousins about books I tell them just read. I don’t care what you read but read. I feel it is so important and enriching to our lives. The content or style should never be a problem.

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